experiencing things differently pt.II

2008-10-04 06:27:38 by soulofbass

i play an MMORPG called Final Fantasy XI
because of it i have developed an uncanny ability to withstand hours upon hours of doing nothing but grinding for XP
so when i play the old FFs (VII,VIII,IX) on my psp i spend so much time leveling (much more than i could ever stand pre-FFXI days)

i'd also like to take the time to thank all you who review my music and give me good criticisms and accolades (i always love receiving accolades)
i'm doing an online concert thing where i post up songs on youtube so if you want to check me out there my username is /soulofbass just like newgrounds (hurray cptn obvious)

ill be looking to see if any animators out there would like to make an MV out of one of my songs soon

i'll leave you with some more Freddy Mason

experiencing things differently pt.II


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